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Membership in NCHSTE

Attached is a membership application.

Membership Application Form

The National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education (NCHSTE) is a membership organization composed of those who support the mission, purpose, and goals of the Consortium. Representation on the current Board of Directors is a contingency of about 600,000 members.
The membership categories are:
  1. Group Membership- A public, private national, state, or local institution, agency, association, or organization that supports the mission and goals of NCHSTE.
  2. Individual Membership- An individual who supports the goals and objectives of NCHSTE and is not represented by a Group Membership.

Membership Requirements

Membership will be in effect with submission of an application and remittance of annual dues.

Dues for a Group Membership are currently $1500 per year. Dues are remitted at the time of application and then annually thereafter. The dues for an Individual Membership are currently $100 per year.


Publishers' Coalition

Unique to most consortiums is NCHSTE's Publishers' Coalition. It is composed of competitive publishing companies with a special interest in health science and technology education. To become a member of the Publishers' Coalition, a company completes an application for approved membership, pays the requested membership assessment, and agrees to elect a representative from the Coalition to serve on the Board of Directors. In return, each member of the Coalition is kept informed about trends and issues discussed by the Board about health science, technology education, health care industry, and NCHSTE's products and services. Such access affords the Coalition members with "cutting edge" information regarding current and future publications. Current members of the NCHSTE Publisher' Coalition are the following:

  • Applied Educational Systems, Inc.
  • Applied Technologies, Inc.
  • Delmar/Thomson Learning
  • Elsevier
  • F. A. Davis Company
  • Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
  • Prentice Hall Health
  • Lippincott/Williams & Wilkins

Other Coalition

A Coalition is three(3) or more enitities with a like mission. A coalition will have one seat/one vote on the Board of Directors.


As a member of the Consortium, benefits include access to:

  • Networks that afford valuable linkages with mutual stakeholders
  • Informed interpretations of health care and education reform trends and issues
  • Research on critical health care workforce preparation issues at all levels
  • National Health Care Skill Standards
  • Accountability criteria (behavioral expectations) for National Health Care "Core" Skill Standards
  • Grant/project/product line updates, products, and services
  • National Speakers' Bureau
  • Instructional materials
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Industry Partnership Guidelines
  • Assessment models
  • Databases that contain human resources and research findings
  • Publishers. Coalition
  • Involvement in field-test opportunities with grants/projects
  • Electronic links to numerous health professional organizations and agencies
  • NCHSTE webpage-http://www.nchste.org


    Attached is a membership application.

    Membership Application Form

    If you desire further information, please contact the following:

    2410 Woodlake Drive, Suite 440
    Okemos, MI 48864-3997
    Tel: 517-347-3332
    Fax: 517-347-4096

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