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Health Science Curriculum Conference - October 2008

Raleigh, North carolina
Wednesday,October 22 - Saturday, October 25, 2008

2006 Conference Powerpoint Presentations

File Attachments:
    1. Biomedical Academy.ppt
    2. Biotech Pathway.ppt
    3. Biotechnology Resources.doc
    4. Bridging the Generation Gap.ppt
    5. BTEC Course Outline w OAC.doc
    6. Building a HS Career Cluster (Pre-session).ppt
    7. Building Self Esteem.ppt
    8. Curriculum Alignment Standards.ppt
    9. EMS Advisory Committee.ppt
    10. Exploring Biotechnology Outline.doc
    11. Gaming With Students.ppt
    12. Health Occupations Professional Essentials.ppt
    13. Into to Biotech Outline.doc
    14. Live a Little laugh a Lot (Keynote).ppt
    15. Presentation BioOhio Oct 24 06_r.ppt
    16. Sticks and Stones May Break Bones.ppt
    17. Supply and Demand (Pre-Session).ppt
    18. Virtual Surgery-Connecting Students to the OR.ppt
    19. ABCs of Setting Up a Secondary Vocational Nursing Program
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